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How Phishing Simulations Boosts Cybersecurity Awareness and Resilience

Cybersecurity is one of the most important things for any business to consider in 2024. Attackers will always find new ways to target and threaten organisations, particularly when it comes to phishing.


In this article, Extech Cloud explores ways to utilise phishing simulations to raise cybersecurity awareness and provide advice on best practice to protect your organisation. 


Benefits of Phishing Simulations 

Assess cybersecurity awareness 

A high level of cybersecurity awareness eliminates the element of surprise. Phishing simulations assess your organisation’s general cybersecurity awareness and uses the information to help strategize and educate to create a more cybersecurity-aware environment. 


Educate employees to avoid phishing attacks 

Educating your employees is vital. After all, phishing prays on unsuspecting victims who don’t know they’re falling victim to an attack. Trained employees can more easily identify threats, making your organisation less likely to fall victim to a phishing attack.


Measure the effectiveness of cybersecurity training 

Monitor cybersecurity training to assess success rates to help optimise your training strategy and make content more effective and relevant.


Reduce cyber risk 

Education minimises the risk of a cyber-attack and allows employees to make better, more cyber-aware choices. 


Best Practices for Phishing Simulations 

Choose realistic scenarios 

Use realistic scenarios, specific to your industry, as every industry has different minutiae that need to be considered. 


Segment the audience based on their role 

Employees will have different risk levels based on their role and position within your organisation. Providing training geared towards their specific needs will optimise the success rate.


Provide immediate feedback 

Time is of the essence, so providing immediate feedback will give employees breathing space to make necessary changes and implement acquired techniques to reinforce security measures.


Analyse results for areas to improve

Use data to improve your simulations and training. Close analysis of the results from your phishing simulation will help you target future simulations to specific areas or weaknesses that need to be addressed.


Communicate the purpose of simulations for staff 

Making sure employees understand why simulations are happening is vital. After all, communication and team support are key to success, and this includes cybersecurity training. 


How To Get Started with Phishing Simulations   

Using realistic simulations can ensure your organisation is prepared to fight off any modern phishing attack. 


The good news is Extech can help you navigate this tricky topic and help keep your business safe.


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