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Christmas is now on the horizon, and our diaries are filling up with lots of Christmas events, both with our clients and the wider business community.

These occasions provide a wonderful opportunity for us to connect face-to-face, discuss any financial goals, and ensure that we stay attuned to your unique needs and concerns.

You will have recently received our response to the Chancellor's Autumn Statement, which we hope you found informative. In addition to this, we're also taking a closer look at; higher workplace pensions, online Powers of Attorney, UK tax levels, the decline in UK house prices and lastly, an interesting tale of two fund sectors.

We hope you find the content informative and valuable. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions on the above.

If there are any subjects or areas, you'd like us to feature in the future, please let us know, as we're always open to feedback and suggestions.


The case for increasing pension contributions

Over time, good ideas start to age. Take, for example, automatic enrolment into workplace pensions, which is now eleven years oldIn some respects, it has been highly successful – about 80% of employees are now benefiting from pension contributions compared with 46% in 2011. However, other aspects of the legislation have started to look outdated after more than a decade.


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Powers of attorney move one step closer to the digital age

In an ideal world, you should have an LPA (or its Scottish or Northern Ireland equivalent) sitting beside your will. The absence of either can complicate matters considerably for your family. Without a will, the distribution of your estate defaults to the laws of intestacy, which may not match your (or your family’s) wishes. Similarly, if illness means that you cannot manage your own affairs, then in the absence of an appropriate LPA, the Court of Protection will be your family’s first port of call to make decisions on your behalf. Going to the Court can be an expensive and slow process.


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UK tax revenues set to break new records

Measuring how taxes have changed over time involves much more than simply looking at tax rates. Politicians are well aware of this, but they also know that it tends to be changes in rates that make the headlines.


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UK House price decline continues

The rise in mortgage rates since early 2022 has taken its toll on house prices.


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A tale of two fund sectors

The Global sector is the largest fund sector, according to the Investment Association, but it might not be quite as global as you think.


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