Tim Fifield, Business Development Director, BritWeb

"I've been an enthusiastic and committed networker for over two decades, five of which have happily been in the company of the gdb membership.For me, gdb provides an important blend of business intelligence, support and connections all of which have delivered some great results for BritWeb. I have actively been involved with a range of gdb initiatives and events and enjoy the opportunities for informal networking and more formal business presentations. I'm delighted to be an Ambassador which is a natural fit for me as I'm happy to share my contacts and experience with new and old members alike. And there's the added advantage of working with the moderately bearable team at gdb towers ;)"




Anya Ledwith, Founder, Eshcon Ltd

"After four years as gdb Chair, I am delighted to become an Ambassador. I have seen the organisation grow, adapt and flourish with new services and membership options, always with networking at its core. Face-to-face or virtual, it’s great to meet other gdb members - useful and interesting people - to discuss their objectives, opportunities and ideal clients.

Being a gdb member has been extremely worthwhile both for my business and for me personally. Eshcon thrives on partnerships and recommendations – gdb is the place to be. Let’s talk!"



Joe Cheal, Culture & Leadership Specialist, Imaginarium Learning & Development 

“One of the many things I’ve admired about gdb since joining is the truly welcoming, buzzing and friendly atmosphere. Even though a big room full of ‘strangers’ can be daunting when first joining… I found the Ambassadors to be an extension of the fantastic gdb team. I’m relatively extroverted (when I put my mind to it!) but, in the early days, it was a joy to have someone to chat with… someone who would then introduce me to others. Nowadays… when I arrive, I see a group of folks I’ve got to know… and even the strangers don’t seem so strange anymore!

gdb is a hive of activity and the membership is a hive-mind of wisdom. I’ve been in my own field (business psychology) for many years… and I love discovering the experience of other people… from vastly wide ranging businesses and sectors. If you see a chap sporting a waistcoat and pocket watch… it’ll probably be me.”


Susan Fleet MBE, Founder and MD, Lea Graham Associates Ltd

"Having been a member of gdb for 25 years (initially with CADIA), no doubt it was my seniority that earned me an ambassadorship! It certainly means I can testify to the outstanding networking gdb affords us. I firmly believe it's who you know that counts and being a member of this professional club leads not only to mutual opportunities, but problem-solving through shared experience. I will be pleased to assist new and existing members in any way I can."





Simon Bland, Economic Prosperity Programme Manager, Reigate & Banstead Borough Council

"The team at Gatwick Diamond Business are always committed to working for the benefit of their members.  Helpful, enthusiastic and flexible in their approach, they always strive to add value and help people ‘do business’. gdb represents an extensive and important network of local businesses and I’m delighted to act as an Ambassador for such valuable organisation."



Stefan Buss, Head of Client Services, Storm12

"Being a member for over 7 years, there is nothing more enjoyable and rewarding than networking! gdb is very close to Storm12’s heart and is full of great people with a wide selection of companies from the area. Happy to help any new members and introduce them to a couple of other members where need be - just give us a shout and look out for me at the meetings!"

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Our mission is to help you achieve your ambitions by being part of our business community - connecting, supporting, promoting, informing and boosting you and your business. That also means supporting local business growth & providing a united voice in the Gatwick Diamond.
We aim for excellence by being proactive, committed, personal, open and engaging.

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