Crawley Based Company ROC Electrical Drives 5 Year Company Investment

To those outside of ROC Electrical, February might have seen a relatively normal month. New work in, new work out, a few special Valentines Day posts on social media perhaps. To ROC Electrical however, February marks the start of something much bigger. The team is embarking on a new five-year business plan, kicking off with a move to a much larger work space in a prominent area of Crawley, the hiring of new staff and most importantly the implementation of a new company brand.

Since it's inception in 2003, ROC Electrical has quickly grown to become a key player in the UK construction industry, quickly gaining traction from the team's strong contacts and working on prestigious endeavors such as The Ritz, The Ivy, Gatwick Airport and most recently the newest addition to the Hilton chain; Hilton Bankside.

With these successes behind them and the timing of the New Year, the rebrand seems almost celebratory in tone and follows along with the launch of their website re-design; complete with a full historical portfolio of the company's projects, team member profiles, as well as a regularly updated news section detailing the commencement of ROC's latest ventures.

ROC's key objective with this rebrand was to update the company's perceived image to aid in firmly positioning themselves as a mid-to-high-end Electrical contractor in London & the South East. They also wanted to introduce existing clients to the other arm of ROC that focuses on data, communications and security; ROC Solutions. The rebrand happened to also coincide with the move to their new office space in Faraday Court, Crawley, which proved a necessity due to the fast growth of the company's team size.

"ROC Electrical has been through some really big successes over the past few years", Founder and Director Declan Roche explains. "Virtually from day one we realized we would be a fast-growing company. While on a project we'd be asked "Can you help us with this too?" and we'd take that as a sign to hire someone with that particular expertise. That mentality has never stopped and it's resulted in the launch of ROC Solutions, as well as our office desks being elbow-to-elbow! The upgrade to new office as well as the hiring of new staff is a good sign for business in Crawley as we've allowed for plenty of room for growth."

Is ROC taking any other steps as well as the office move?
"We've all shifted-up a gear in our online presence. We're now all active on LinkedIn and our profiles all look consistent with the branding. We've also had a superb reaction from the launch of our new e-mail newsletter – ROC Times, which lets our existing contacts and network know about what we are up to on a monthly basis. We're even raising money via JustGiving to support 'The ROC Run', a half-marathon in Brighton we're taking part in to raise money for Chestnut Tree Children's Hospice. In the short time since our rebrand has launched we've raised over five hundred pounds just from our increase in customer communications. That response has been really great to see, and is a step in the right direction for ROC's objectives."

Declan describes how the rebrand came at a very opportune time. "We've commenced work on projects with people like McLaren, Lloret Control & Mace. We're especially excited to be a part of the ninety-five million pound Creechurch development with Skanska. All of these undertakings are a good proving ground for our re-brand strategy. There was simply no better time to take this step for the business."

Anita Howe, Office Manager of ROC also gave her thoughts: "This branding update reflects ROC's drive to constantly evolve and grow its market share. We're so proud of the great steps the business has taken over the last few years, and it's our aim to continue offering the highest standard of quality on every project, as well as growing ROC Solutions into something just as formidable as ROC Electrical. We're excited to be bringing value to the Crawley area too as we found its proximity to London perfect for our staff of Directors and Operation Professionals."

Finally, how did the office move go?
Declan answers: "The move to our new office in Faraday Court has been another reminder of how well we work together as a team. You always anticipate that a move like this will come with numerous obstacles, but as part of our expertise is overcoming problems on a much larger scale, it all went quite smoothly. That said I think by the time the half-marathon comes around at the end of February we'll already be exhausted. It's been one hell of a month!"

Visit http://www.rocelectrical.com to see this radical re-brand for yourself and call 01293 649 390 to speak to a member of the ROC team about your next project.




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