Is every day a fun day at work?

Gatwick Diamond member and business coach, Tim Rylatt, is celebrating International Fun at Work Day on 29th January, "It's reminders like International Fun at Work Day that strike a chord with business owners. Everyone talks about work-life balance but very few people manage to enjoy it and business owners are often worst hit. Taking the time out to understand what you can do to take control of your business is invaluable and actually leads to work being more fun!"

Justin Gale & Jason Harfield own Orion Lightning Protection and have been working with Tim for the last 2 years. "Prior to working with Tim we were working long hours and making a lack of retained profit. We also weren't seeing much of our families and were frustrated with the business. We knew that there were problems but we couldn't seem to identify them. We now have set goals and regular meetings which give us a focus and a deadline so that we know what we have to achieve and by when. Our profit has increased by £94,000 from 2013 to 2015! We have a much clearer view on the finances and we can spend more time with family, which is fantastic. Now we really enjoy coming into work, our stress levels are reduced and for the first time in 10 years we can see a great business building!" explains Justin.

"29th January is also our 90-day planning event bringing together 50 business owners to plan the next quarter of business goals to improve the health and enjoyment of work. All the members will be tweeting about their fun day!" Tim adds.

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