My First Week at Computer-Eyez

Usually, I would feel quite nervous when starting a new job; but it was different this time. I was eager to do well and hungry to learn.

I was recently hired as a marketing apprentice for an IT and telecoms company based in Sussex.  After just completing a training course in Cardiff earlier this year, I was ready to apply what I've learnt so far.

What surprised me was the friendly welcome I got from my boss Simon Smyth and all the employees. Everyone here is nice, I thought to myself; what's the catch? After getting to know everyone it was clear that Computer-Eyez invests in the right people. I felt quite special!

Something small that really improves the work place vibe (and I believe all offices should have a go at), is that everyone in the office took a personality test and openly shared their results. We were given a book about each personality type and it taught us how to have the best professional relationship with other personality types. I found this comforting, and very useful to have when just starting up these professional relationships.

When it came to working and learning, I was given lots of interesting books and video courses to run through. I've written a few blogs and started to manage the social media sites. It's all very exciting and I can't wait to be the best I can.

I look forwards to the future and hope to help out this company just as it has helped me so far.
Wish me luck!

Jake Wharton

Computer-Eyez work with businesses that recognise how selected use of new technology can improve efficiency and reduce the time staff spend on IT issues.
For further information, call 01273 806211 or go to www.computer-eyez.com


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