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Published: 31 Aug 2016

Hopefully you've found our Rail Service updates to be of use - here's another!

Hopefully you've found our Rail Service updates to be of use - here's another from Southern Rail:



As you'll know, in July we introduced a temporary revised weekday timetable to reduce the impact on passengers of ad hoc cancellations caused by unprecedented levels of train crew sickness.  From Monday 5 September, we will restore 119 of the 325 services that currently remain cancelled which will mean we are providing 91% of our normal services.  The changes will restore all inner London services, almost all London Bridge peak trains and an enhanced service to our West London Line to Milton Keynes Central.  


The changes starting next week are the beginning of the process of restoring the full timetable.  For the time being, the coast/mainline services will continue to operate with reduced services but we intend to bring these remaining services back into the timetable incrementally over the coming weeks, as staff sickness absence reduces. We are therefore continuing to operate the revised timetable to provide the most reliable and predictable service we can for our passengers.


Charles Horton, GTR's Chief Executive, said:


"We know how difficult life has been for our passengers recently and we are sincerely sorry. Our aim has been to bring back as much of the timetable as quickly as we could and for several weeks we've had 5 September as our target to begin the reinstatement of trains. We're pleased that we can restore a large chunk of our train timetable for our passengers on this date but we will not be satisfied until the full timetable is running, and running in a punctual way people can rely on. 


"But with another RMT strike called for next week, passengers will be dismayed and angry, as we are, that the union has called yet further cynically-orchestrated action to try and scupper this improved service, and cause maximum disruption, damage and delay in the very week when many people go back to work and back to school after the summer break. But we will not be thwarted in our determination to give passengers their trains back. In the face of an intransigent RMT leadership, we're doing all we can to get our passengers back on track.


"The updated timetable will allow us to run a more comprehensive rush hour service with virtually a full peak service at London Bridge and 95% of peak train capacity at Victoria. We will continue to add services incrementally and we are aiming at restoring the full timetable in the coming weeks.


"However, while we'll do all we can to restore the services, we are faced with an unparalleled wave of strikes, unjustified industrial disputes and abnormal levels of train crew sickness. We are also part of a live railway network which can result, however much we don't want them, in unexpected incidents which do cause short notice cancellations and disruption. This is the start of the journey to restore the full timetable. It will take time to complete, but passengers can be assured it is now underway."


Information on services during the RMT strike action on Wednesday and Thursday, 7 and 8 September will be announced in due course.


The services to be restored on 5 September are:

  • All inner-London "metro" service
  • Guildford – Leatherhead
  • Sutton – Streatham via Wimbledon
  • London Bridge – Beckenham Junction
  • On the West London Line 26 services will now operate, some as far as Milton Keynes, where, currently, just eight services have been running between Clapham and Watford Junction only

Details of services to operate on the West London Line:


   05.25 Balham to Milton Keynes                              Arrive 06.55

   07.01 Milton Keynes to East Croydon                      Arrive 09.04

   09.10 East Croydon to Milton Keynes                      Arrive 11.02

   11.13 Milton Keynes to East Croydon                      Arrive 13.01

   13.10 East Croydon to Milton Keynes                      Arrive 15.00

   15.13 Milton Keynes to East Croydon                      Arrive 17.01

   17.10 East Croydon to Milton Keynes                      Arrive 19.00

   19.15 Milton Keynes to Clapham Junction              Arrive 20.33

   20.39 Clapham Junction to Milton Keynes              Arrive 22.05      

   22.11 Milton Keynes to East Croydon                      Arrive 23.59


   06.20 Clapham Junction to Watford Junction         Arrive 06.57

   07.25 Watford Junction to Clapham Junction         Arrive 08.09

   08.14 Clapham Junction to Shepherds Bush            Arrive 08.29

   08.34 Shepherds Bush to Clapham Junction            Arrive 08.46

   08.50 Clapham Junction to Shepherds Bush            Arrive 09.03

   09.07 Shepherds Bush to Clapham Junction            Arrive 09.19

   09.24 Clapham Junction to Shepherds Bush            Arrive 09.37


   07.30 Coulsdon Town to Watford Junction              Arrive 09.01

   09.15 Watford Junction to Clapham Junction         Arrive 09.57


  08.40   East Croydon to Shepherds Bush                  Arrive 09.18

  09.33   Shepherds Bush to Clapham Junction           Arrive 09.45


  16.34 Kensington Olympia to Clapham Junction      Arrive 16.43

  16.49 Clapham Junction to Kensington Olympia      Arrive 16.59

  17.04 Kensington Olympia to Clapham Junction      Arrive 17.13

  17.20 Clapham Junction to Shepherds Bush             Arrive 17.32

  1747 Shepherds Bush to Purley                                Arrive 18.41

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