Action for Children Skydive Day!

Join us for an experience of a lifetime at our Action for Children Skydive Day on Saturday 23rd September 2017 in Reading.

We ask all our brave hearted fundraisers to pay a deposit of £50 and raise a minimum sponsorship of £390 - most of our jumpers achieve and in fact exceed this target. Out of that, £235 pays for the cost of your jump. The remaining £160 comes directly to Action for Children and could:


  • Pay for three young carers to have a break from their responsibilities and take part in a summer holiday activity scheme giving them the chance to be children


  • Help us arrange supported lodgings with a caring family for a young homeless person


  • Pay for 30 children to have a hot lunch three days in a row, something they do not get at home


Sign up today by contacting Melissa or Megan on 01293 852404 or 01293 852412


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