Practical Cyber Security Workshop - Friday 26th June

Published: 15 May 2017

For a smaller business owner, cyber security can be a nightmare. The default settings offered by vendors are either too little or too restrictive and bespoke solutions are priced for large enterprises. Also, most businesses today hold at least some data in the Cloud - where you are wholly dependent on the security offered by your service provider.


This half-day workshop will explore the issues facing smaller businesses in developing a coherent cyber security policy and finding practical solutions to meet business needs. The workshop takes a practical approach where delegates will be encouraged to apply the information learned directly to their own situation.


The workshop will cover:

•             Practical application of the principles of cyber security and data protection

•             Carrying out a data risk assessment

•             Relevant UK legislation and guidance, including the EU GDPR.

•             Applying appropriate control measures

•             The importance of management and staff awareness

•             Securing the Cloud


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