The next, brand new, Preview workshop is: Social Media for your Business - September 2017

Social media is constantly evolving and it can be an intimidating process to start or put together a plan for how to get your business or company in front of the right people.

What should I post? How often? Does social media marketing actually work? What social media should I be using?

These are a few of the questions we are frequently asked. So, why not join other business professionals to find out how LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram can help you reach more people, demonstrate your expertise AND sell your products / services.

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LinkedIn: If you think LinkedIn is just a place to hold an online CV or find a job - think again! More people search for business professionals on LinkedIn than anywhere else - so if you want to improve the visibility of your company and staff, LinkedIn is a MUST. This authoritative social media platform has so much functionality - and it can really help with your customer relationship management. As a serious social media platform - it's the number one online place where people meet, learn from one another and do business together.

Twitter: such a great tool for brand exposure and building a strong online reputation. It's also a powerful way to help you improve your search engine rankings by encouraging visitors to explore your website. Another benefit is that it can be used to meet people, network and demonstrate your expertise - establishing credibility. And we love to use if for searching for experts, accessing a whole host of high quality articles and joining relevant discussions.

Facebook Pages and Instagram: Both these platforms are intrinsically linked and help enormously with the location and perception of your business. We will discuss the review system, maps, targeted advertising and finding the right audience for your business.

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