An update on Proposed West Sussex County Council cuts on funding for Crawley Open House


We had a huge and encouraging response to our recent request that people signed the petition and lobbied West Sussex County Council about the proposed drastic cuts to our funding. It is the largest petition that WSCC have ever received about anything - at last count it was at over 10,300 signatories and still growing! They also report a huge postbag of emails and letters from concerned individuals, companies and organisations, for which we are so grateful. There seems such a palpable sense of anger that the most vulnerable in our area will suffer if these cuts are allowed to happen.

The pressure forced WSCC to delay a decision on any cuts and their timing, and open a period of 'formal consultation'. This involves concerned people completing a short survey with only really one free-format space for comments. The relevant survey form can be accessed here .. It will only take a few minutes to complete and return to WSCC.


Would you be able to complete and return their survey, and encourage others to do so as well? We are really sorry to have to ask, but it's the way WSCC have designed the process, and we are so determined to try and reverse their proposals! Maybe you could copy and paste a previous submission into this form to save time??

We are so appreciative of your ongoing support,

Contact information:

Email: ian.wilkins@crawleyopenhouse.co.uk

Tel: 01293 447702 


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