Free Legal Advice For Employees and Employers on Pregnancy and Maternity Rights At Work

Martin Searle Solicitors' campaign to stamp out pregnancy and maternity discrimination at work includes a free telephone advice service for employers and employees concerned about the workplace rights of pregnant women and women on maternity leave.

Martin Searle Solicitors have campaigned to stamp out pregnancy and maternity discrimination in the workplace since starting their firm in 2004.

Further research by the Equality and Human Rights Commission in 2015 showed that the number of women discriminated against had nearly doubled since 2005 when the Equal Opportunities Commission published research which showed that more than 30,000 women had been sacked, made redundant or received unfair treatment at work due to pregnancy and maternity discrimination.

Depressingly, new statistics obtained from a survey of 1,106 senior decision makers, by the Equality and Human Rights Commission, reveal high levels of discriminatory attitudes amongst employers towards women intending to or having children while working.

Fiona Martin, Director and Head of Employment Law, says: "Pregnancy and maternity discrimination is still the most common form of sex discrimination in the workplace. It is important that we continue to educate and support employers while advising employees of their rights, to shift cultural attitudes at work and stamp out pregnancy and maternity discrimination once and for all

Fiona continues: "The most common scenario is when a woman tries to return from maternity leave and finds out that her job has 'disappeared'. We help women raise grievances and negotiate compensation through Settlement Agreements, to avoid lengthy, stressful and expensive Tribunal claims. International Women's Day on 9 March has a higher profile this year as campaigns such as #MeToo and #TimesUp push for change for women in the workplace. Women have had enough!''

Throughout March, Martin Searle Solicitors' Employment Law team will provide free advice on pregnancy and maternity rights and responsibilities, Shared Parental Leave, maternity leave and return to work issues, for both employers and employees.

Fiona Martin will be speaking to employers on 29 March at the Westminster Briefing Conference 'Supporting Maternity & Pregnancy in the Workplace: Policy & Practice'.

To support their campaign, Martin Searle Solicitors have produced a series of factsheets, case studies and FAQs for employers and employees covering basic pregnancy and maternity rights in the workplace, returning to work after maternity, as well as avoiding pregnancy discrimination in a redundancy process. For more details visit www.ms-solicitors.co.uk.

For free and confidential advice, employers and employees can call Martin Searle Solicitors' pregnancy and maternity legal helpline Tuesdays and Thursdays throughout March from 4pm to 6pm on 01273 609911, or email info@ms-solicitors.co.uk.


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