Why growing businesses should upgrade to VoIP telephony

Companies everywhere are all rushing to be the next to put all their data in the "Cloud" and ensure their IT systems are backed up and remote from their offices. That's great and very wise, but why aren't you also doing this with your phone system and phone numbers? Why haven't you also given your communications the redundancy you need to survive? VoIP Telephony is the 'Cloud' for communications, and your answer to resilient telephony.


Structured Communications are a VoIP phone system provider, based in Horsham, West Sussex. They have built and developed their own VoIP network to allow high definition quality, greater flexibility, higher security and outstanding reliability for all of their VoIP clients.


VoIP telephony will allow customers to reduce their monthly overheads compared to traditional phone systems for ISDN and PSTN Lines by offering reduced line rental and monthly call packages. This will give you more precise costings per month for all your telecoms requirements, allowing for easy budgeting and continued company growth.


VoIP uses cutting edge technology making it even more appealing over traditional systems. It allows for versatility with remote working meaning businesses can advertise a local geographic number anywhere in the UK, for example, you can be based in London but advertise a number from Manchester. Both of which improve business sales, effectiveness and company efficiency.


VoIP also helps by offering higher quality call sound, concurrent calls and features such as auto attendant, call forwarding, call waiting, call recording and voicemail to email. Such features increase productivity and as a company expands, capacity can easily be increased to meet demand same day without downtime or engineering lead times experienced with standard phone systems.


Antony Etheridge, Business Development Manager at Structured Communications states, "With the right environment and management, any business can benefit from VoIP telephony. The vital part is having a good internet connection, once you have that you can start to benefit from the features and functionality of VoIP, taking the stress out of your telecoms and allowing you to focus on your business".


What's needed to upgrade?

A telecoms provider can create the right environment as part of the upgrade process; however the basic requirements are a reliable broadband with suitable bandwidth, such as a fibre broadband.


In the event you have poor internet on a single line Structured Communications would always recommend installing a secondary broadband connection solely for your VoIP services or looking at Bonded Broadband and or Lease Line services depending on the rest of business requirements.


Structured Communications operate using a high speed independent network and offer bespoke contracts available from 30-day terms so you're able to benefit from the technology without being tied down.


For more advice and information on updating your telephone system, you can visit https://www.structuredcommunications.co.uk/ or call 0203 301 4000 (with no obligation).


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