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Is your business suffering from low productivity, staff with lack of concentration and high rates of sickness? Poor mental health affects half of all employees, according to a survey of 44,000 people carried out by the mental health charity Mind.

Bring positive vibes to your work environment with new knowledge and skills to boost morale. Our 1-day course is suitable for anyone looking to increase awareness of common mental health problems in the workplace, and further understand and identify how it may impact on individuals and teams.

Location: Crawley or subject to numbers we can deliver in-house.

From £99+VAT. For more information or to enquire about dates contact us.

Recent Course Feedback:
"Very thought provoking and many excellent ways to manage mental well being and be a more confident person. All very good."
"Today's course has opened my eyes to the triggers and signs of mental health, especially the ways we can affect our own positive mental health. Prior to today I considered mental health to be a diagnosed illness and not an everyday occurrence. An excellent course that was well delivered. The content should be shared with the entire business workforce." 
"Excellent trainer. I'm not the most confident participant but felt able to join in and voice ideas. Lots of opportunity to work in different groups on various aspects of understanding mental health. I feel I have a greater understanding of the subject now
. "

A Sample of our Soft Skills Training for £99+VAT

  •  Solving Problems and Making Decisions
  •  Meeting Customer Needs
  •  Understand How to Establish an Effective Team
  •  Understanding the Communication Process in the Workplace

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