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Huxley Digital's small team of web developers and marketing experts has increased by 1.

Kelly Jones is a Pay Per Click specialist with almost 10 years of hands-on client and agency-side experience. She is currently managing PPC campaigns for several Huxley clients, as well as contributing to our blog series 'PPC Basics'.

This spring, to introduce our in-house PPC resources to you - we are offering a free 30 minute phone consultation with Kelly. She is happy to answer any questions regarding PPC and your business. Then if you want to come back to us later on to launch a campaign - we'd be delighted to help.

Aside from being able to bring my dog to work, working at Huxley is great because I get to work with a variety of businesses who are excited by the ROI they get via PPC marketing. I like to design campaigns that I then go on to manage long term, and advise on content and specific web improvements that all impact directly on the effectiveness of a campaign.

To someone who isn't trained, it can all be a bit confusing - so I'm always happy to chat about or answer questions on any of this if it's something you would like to look into for your business.

Kelly Jones - PPC Specialist, Huxley

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