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We've just become proud owners of a new car. Well new to us. Nothing fancy, but it gets us from A to B nicely and comfortably. It's a lovely upgrade from our previous 15 year old, faithful family car. That, had electric windows that didn't go back up, a sat nav that had a very annoying beep that didn't turn off and a music system that only did radio.
When we went to collect our new toy from the garage, the salesman, Chris, eagerly explained how all the gadgets worked, where the fog lights were and how to pop up the bonnet. He didn't ask us if we knew how to drive though. He assumed we could.
This was the inspiration for this article.
When I design a new recruitment process for a client, I always spend time with them, explaining how it works. I make sure they know how the scores for the interviews and exercises come together and help them make a decision on each candidate.
I don't assume that they can interview well though. Most people can't. It's an advanced skill that needs to be learned.
To get full value from their shiny new recruitment process, interviewers need to know how to interview candidates thoroughly, and be able to probe their answers to get all the information they need.
Some decline my offer of a short interviewing skills session by saying: 'I think I'm ok thanks'.
It's only when they've conducted a few interviews that haven't gone so smoothly that they realise that they should upskill themselves and ask for some training.
Many people find making a decision really hard because they haven't collected enough evidence from candidates, others say that their interviews go on for far too long, and sadly some make costly, time consuming hiring mistakes.
When we brought our new car home, all the family wanted to sit in it and play with the gadgets we'd never had before, including my son's girlfriend, who doesn't drive. She sat in the driver's seat and immediately said 'I'd better learn to drive now!'
That's what my clients would be better off saying right from the start.
Here's a client who wanted to maximise the value from the new recruitment process I designed for her:
Ali delivered an interviewing skills workshop for our management team. She made the session extremely interactive and engaging and we all thoroughly enjoyed learning how to ask the right questions and probe to get detailed answers. The practice interviews were really useful and Ali gave valuable feedback on how we could improve our techniques. I'd highly recommend Ali's workshop if you're recruiting staff or management and want to feel confident that you'll do a good job and make the right decision. Helen Campbell-Wroe, CEO at Pathways to Independence
If you'd like to upskill yourself so that you're ready for the driving seat, my online workshop: 'How to conduct a thorough probing interview and make the right decision' is for you. It's on Wednesday 18th November at 10-12 and will give you the knowledge, tools and practice to:
✔Structure a professional interview and control time.
✔Probe candidate answers thoroughly.
✔Assess and score individuals fairly and consistently.
✔Have the competence and confidence to make the right decision.
The cost is just £45 and sets you up to be in the driving seat of your recruitment process.
Please get in touch if you'd like to chat about this and how it would help you. Or just go ahead and book your place by going to the events page on my website, https://aliwatersassociates.us16.list-manage.com/track/click?u=c4a92d0cdb53fb8c8e5164b9e&id=0aac58015a&e=04d7ba963a
Hope you can join me.


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