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I've noticed recently that quite a few employers are changing the way they advertise their job vacancies. They are saying 'depending on number of applications, we may close this vacancy before this date'.
So why are they doing this?
They are terrified of being swamped with applications and anticipating the time it will take to sift through them to find suitable candidates to interview.
But they will be missing out on some of the best candidates by doing this. You remember the saying, 'if you want something done well, ask a busy person.'
There are lots of unemployed people who are making a full time job of looking for a job who will have time to respond immediately to a job advert, sending their CV and cover letter regardless of what is specifically asked for in the job description.
These are the people who will be first off the mark for your job advert.
Many of the people who you'd love to receive an application from, the busy people, will be carefully making time during their days, between work shifts and other projects to complete the application step by step and make sure they get it to you in time to meet your deadline, only to be disappointed that you've closed your doors early.
Which people do you want to receive applications from?
If you're about to advertise a job opportunity at your company, it will pay dividends to consider your recruitment process beforehand including how you promote the job and how you ask people to apply. Asking people to complete a tailored application form rather than a CV is one of the ways to do this.
With this in mind, I've created an online workshop to help you:

•      Promote your business to target high calibre candidates only.

•      Position your business as full of opportunities to encourage the best people to choose you.

•      Create a mechanism to filter out inappropriate candidates so you can spot the gems.

•      Gain hard facts to determine if the candidate has the skills for the role, rather than relying on their say so or your gut feeling.

Attend this workshop and you will:

•      Discover why previous recruitments went wrong

•      Learn a systematic method of attracting and selecting the best people for the job

•      Design a recruitment process for the next role you are hiring

•      Have confidence in your ability to attract, engage and recruit a great team

How to Attract, Engage and Recruit the Best People online workshop is on 7th October, 10 - 12
Please book your place here: https://aliwatersassociates.us16.list-manage.com/track/click?u=c4a92d0cdb53fb8c8e5164b9e&id=8925806d06&e=04d7ba963a
Places filling fast, so grab your spot now.


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