Crawley Open House - 2.6 Challenge

For obvious reasons, big fundraising events aren't happening now, and sadly UK charities are missing out on vital income.

The 2.6 challenge has been created, and it's happening on and around 26thApril, when the London Marathon would have happened. Just do a challenge based around the number 26 or the 2 and 6 - 26 press ups, cycle 26 miles, throw an egg 2.6 metres to someone without it breaking, juggle for 2.6 minutes, run around the garden 26 times… you get the idea… Get your family and friends to sponsor you, and send the money off to a charity of your choice.

We'd love you to support Crawley Open House - your local homeless shelter. We are still very much open and doing our best to look after the many homeless and vulnerable people across Crawley and West Sussex. Appropriately enough we have done this vital work for nearly 26 years, and need your support more than ever.

see www.crawleyopenhouse.co.uk/twopointsixchallenge


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