Eshcon - Tell me your Environmental Stories

"Where do your machines go when they die, Daddy?" A talk with his young daughter prompted the MD of medical manufacturing company to start their environmental journey, managing energy, materials & waste - all done through their ISO 14001 Environmental Management System. 

Anya Ledwith, from consultancy Eshcon, asks "Can you help me with my book?" 

With the ongoing pandemic, I'm making use of the time I used to spend travelling. Rather than learning a new language or baking sourdough bread, I'm finally getting round to writing my book. 

It's all about how, why & when to put in an Environmental Management System (EMS). 

For my research, I want to speak to SMEs who have ISO 14001. 

Why did they get started? How involved is senior management? Did they use a consultant? What motivates staff? What's the weirdest thing found in the audit? 

You may not have a funny story, but your experiences (good & bad) are vital to share. 

Your feedback is very much appreciated… and can be kept anonymous if you wish. 

Please email info@eshcon.co.uk & let's set up a time to talk over a virtual coffee. 

Thanks for your help, in advance!


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