Introducing low & slow, tasty treats from Wide and Narrow (Smokehouse) Ltd

Authentic Texas style BBQ food served from our smoke truck or direct to your door! 

2020 has certainly been a journey. Three friends with a history of traveling around the US visiting every BBQ joint they could find always dreamed of setting up their own restaurant. Having spent much of 2020 contemplating their futures (like the rest of the world), these friends decided to take their lifelong experiences and love of BBQ and music to launch Wide & Narrow Smokehouse Ltd. 

Founding member, Jermaine & Graham shares the exciting journey of Wide and Narrow so far. 

Every day we pinch ourselves and ask the question why did we do this… well the answer is simply, where else can you get flavoursome smoky authentic Texas BBQ takeout? 

We have visited a number of businesses across the UK who have tried to master this age-old American tradition of cooking meats using hot smoke rather than flaming coals, and it's a hard craft. We are trying to stay true to the tradition of this style of cooking. It is a meat feast, of pork, chicken, beef, and sausage with the deep south accompaniments of corn, coleslaw and mac n cheese. 

This banquet style food is a real treat and comes with a smoky style BBQ gravy (hot or cold) or sauce which binds every element of the dish, packing a punch and creating that unique experience. 

How do you eat yours? Personally I like it with hot sauce, I love the tingling lips and the assault of flavour's..No cutlery needed! 

The story behind the business is interesting, however the idea of starting a business during an economic downturn is daunting. But, also, it's been inspiring and has allowed us to think outside the box. We have had to be creative, with the name, the branding, and also our route to market. 

We've had to rely heavily on our friends and family for tastings to adapt and refine the menu. We've had to create COVID-19 friendly environments in order to feed people and prepare the food. We have worked out of three different kitchens over 6 months. And we have supported charities, community groups, and struggling businesses to get through this difficult time. 

What's everyone's favourite order? A Pitmaster Platter for two and a half rack of Ribs, Chocolate brownie and an American soda is definitely one of the favourites. 

We have recently introduced deliveries from Thursday - Saturday between the hours of 5pm and 9.30pm. We want more people to be able to sample this great food and tell their friends about Wide and Narrow. The trailer has started to venture further afield to spread the word, and we have been seeking further investment for another smoke truck. 

What's been you biggest success so far? Being able to offer jobs to people who are prepared to work hard and provide for their families. 2020 has been a difficult year which will never be forgotten, hopefully we can be a positive that has risen from this COVID-19 storm. 

The Wide and Narrow crew has grown from the 3 founding members to providing jobs for another 10 people in and around the local area whose livelihood has been affected by Covid-19. As well as bringing work to local businesses who desperately need a boost, for supplies, marketing, support services, and consultancy. All we ask is you try our food, be kind and courteous to our staff, and we promise in return to deliver the best possible Texas Style BBQ we can… The Wide and Narrow (Smokehouse) way!! To order online please visit; https://www.wideandnarrow.co.uk/deliveries/ and download the NoQ App or to Contact Wide and Narrow call 01293 699 111 



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