Network Rail - Unblocking the Croydon bottleneck

As something of interest, our partners at Network Rail are currently running the second stage of public consultation into a proposed major upgrade to the Brighton Main Line.

The upgrade will provide more reliable, more frequent and faster services and helps to provide the capacity needed for future growth. It will do this by addressing the bottleneck on the rail network found in the Croydon area.

Thameslink, Southern, Gatwick Express and London Overground services all pass through this area, meaning that this is a proposal that will have benefits that stretch far beyond the Brighton Main Line itself.

The upgrade forms part of the Croydon Area Remodelling Scheme (CARS). CARS would remove the most operationally challenging bottleneck on Britain's railway network, located in the 'Selhurst triangle' the junctions north of East Croydon, and through East Croydon station.

The bottleneck causes knock-on delays across the network every time an incident occurs. It also means there is no capacity to run more trains to meet future passenger growth, which will lead to overcrowding in the years ahead unless action is taken.

Through the consultation, Network Rail's project team are available to answer customers' questions through a live chat facility and a dedicated consultation hotline, and, subject to the latest Government advice, aims to supplement this with public exhibitions in September.

To explain the upgrade and proposed changes to Norwood Junction, East Croydon stations and the surrounding track and infrastructure, Network Rail has produced an animation, this is available here:

Please see full article for further information here


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