Principal - Choose your hand sanitiser solution carefully - who knows how long you’ll need it.

Published: 02 Oct 2020

Boris and the science professionals have spoken. The second wave of the Coronavirus is on its way. Following on from the Government’s update yesterday, the need to protect ourselves, employees, clients and customers is even more vital.  

At yesterday’s briefing, the Prime Minister announced tighter restrictions in order to slow the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

This feels like déjà vu. Albeit, we have learned many lessons in the last six months and are more aware of what we need to do to stay safe.

Suppressing the virus

At a recent briefing, the World Health Organisation (WHO) Director-General Dr Tedros said:

“There are two essential elements to addressing the pandemic effectively: leaders must step up to take action and citizens need to embrace new measures…My message is crystal clear: suppress, suppress, suppress the virus.”

Indeed, Boris Johnson himself used the word suppress in yesterday’s announcement.

So, do you feel confident that your business is as Covid protected as possible?

We assume you have a hand sanitising strategy in place, but what about the long term?  Overcoming the virus and looking to protect our employees and customers for the foreseeable future is not just a necessity, it’s protecting lives.

We’re helping our client’s eliminate the risks with an innovative solution.  A robust and contact-free hand sanitiser station that can pay for itself with digital advertising.

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