Roffey Park - July 2020 Newsletter

Coping with transformation and change challenges - how can you achieve balance and stability?

Disruptions bring uncertainties, both on and in the organisation, especially maintaining the human connection. As we embrace the return to working back in the office now, how do you maintain and return to the presence of "I'm here"?

The management of and coping with the stress is a necessity, so as to build up mental resilience. It can be done individually, but collectively there are tips that can help your team and your organisations as well, starting with you.

Navigation through uncertainty starts here!

Build resilience beyond yourself

Robert Coles

Our varied experiences and capabilities can teach us a lot. Together, we can find more ways to help each other, and to overcome any challenges.

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Overcoming challenges together 

Photo leadership course

Anxiety can destabilise us, along with mistrust. How can OD help improve communication, and help build up the trust to get things working towards stability and advancement?

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Develop yourself to be a better manager or leader 

Photo leadership course

There are certain key factors that a manager or leader need to develop. In the face of uncertainty, take a look at what sets the motion for building a better, stronger team for you and for them.

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Adapting to the challenges of disruptions

 Photo leadership course

Disruptions. While it brings along challenges, as leaders, there are methods which we can use to embrace the change.

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Taking the next steps

Developing Organisation Resilience

 Photo leadership course

 When crisis emerges, how does an organisation react and respond makes a lot of difference. Research has revealed that resilience emerges from an organisation's culture - not just what it does, but how it does it. Understand what it means to have a resilient culture, and how this can be developed.

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How to be an excellent virtual manager

Photo leadership course

Digital teams are a norm, and managing one isn't easy. Using a range of data, view the insights of what makes an excellent virtual manager, what is different about managing such a team, and what support is necessary for these arrangements.

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Upcoming Digital and Face-to-face Programmes

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Introduction to OD Essentials 

Various dates in September

We are now running our Introduction to OD programme 'live' and online. Explore the fundamentals of OD, its history and the nature of OD practice. Find out more about the role of the OD practitioner; including the key skills, knowledge and mindsets needed to become one. Upon completion, you may consider our OD Practitioners Programme as well.

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Virtual Coaching 

Suitable for individuals
or teams

 Leaders and managers face much challenges. Using our set of guiding principles and our PULSE learning framework, be guided through coaching conversation, just the way we have had all these years offline. Map what you need to be working towards and we will guide you objectively and confidentially towards your own answers and success. Available as one-off or ongoing basis or as part of one of our open, in-house or tailored programmes.

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Personal Effectiveness and Power 

15-18 September 2020 - Horsham
Other dates available. From £1,900 +VAT

Personal Effectiveness and Power: Influencing people at work is a highly experiential programme which will provide you with a range of personal effectiveness skills and techniques to strengthen your workplace relationships. We will work with you to develop influencing skills, explore the influencing process and develop flexible influencing styles and communication strategies. As a result you will be able to harness your personal power in the workplace as leaders and developers of others.

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Introduction to Facilitation Skills

22 September 2020 - Horsham
Other dates available. From £350 +VAT

This is a one-day programme which provides an overview of the skills, mindset and techniques required to be a confident, effective facilitator. Participants will understand how to flex their approach for different situations and know how to handle common scenarios and have identified development areas going forwards with their practice. Upon completion you may consider our Practical Facilitation Skills or Advanced Facilitation Skills programmes to continue your development.

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Keeping you safe...our Covid-19 onsite operating protocols

 Photo leadership course

Our UK site near Horsham will be reopening for programmes, meetings and events from 1 September 2020. We are committed to keeping you and our staff safe when with us whilst still providing you with a great experience. The way we operate will have changed to take into account Covid-19 and social distancing measures. From September the building has been organised into zonal "bubbles" giving visitors a dedicated meeting and facilities area away from other groups. To find out more please click on the brochure link below.

If you are interested in booking Roffey Park for a meeting or event please contact us on enquiries@roffeypark.ac.uk.

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