The Company Connector - Stakeholder Management in a Time of Crisis

We are only into the 3rd week where Covid-19 has had a crisis impact on the economy, but I've seen that businesses are starting to move into the 'Coping & Management' stages, although 'Recovery' seems some time off.

It can be hard enough to drive your business or project communications in normal times, but now we are coping with Covid-19, the pressures are even greater. With remote working, closed or inaccessible premises and a lack of economic confidence, now is the time where your communications with your stakeholders, customers, supply chain, influencers and media becomes ever more vital.

As the impacts of Covid-19 start to take a stronger hold, along with the necessary tighter restrictions from Government, it is more important than ever that you keep your messages and communication channels agile and open.

If you need support or advice about your stakeholder communications, then get in touch. We can provide an agreed programme to include:

  • Opening on-line consultation to set strategy and tactics
  • Email communications with your stakeholders, influencers and media
  • Identification of your stakeholders, influencers and media
  • Management of your social media channels (up to 3 accounts)
  • Weekly updates to discuss strategy, tactics and agile responses

If you would like to discuss this, then do not hesitate to get in touch. ... but try to relax over the weekend first! 

We promise to deliver what we agree with you, on time and on budget. 

But don't just take our word for it - read "What they say"

Call 07831 148064 or email jeremy.taylor@thecompanyconnector.com



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