The Missing Piece Company - Coronavirus Covid 19 is a mild inconvenience. There is something much worse coming.

That might be a shocking statement to some BUT it is true. 

Why do I have this opinion? 

Well, and I am going to sound a little nuts to some, I feel this way because the overwhelming evidence supports this fact. 

In the event that we had 30 degree heat we descended on the beaches in Brighton and Bournemouth and other places on the south coast. We did so and then left the locals with a massive headache. A headache that was not caused by a virus, but one that was caused by a far more deadly set of issues. 

I am no earthy greeny nut case. I am just a local business guy who loves the sea, sun and beaches. I sail and I love the weather and wildlife you see in that environment. 

I have become increasingly aware of the deadly long-term damage we are doing. The damage is far more invasive, and devastating to the environment and is caused by our love of convenience. 

In short we are ego centrically driven. Fear of the virus kept us in doors and away from the beach, crowds and town centres. The roads were free and we all lived with a drop in crime, pollution and a reduction in traffic, noise and rubbish. 

Lockdown lifts and we forget our fears and crowd the beaches, drive anywhere we like, attend rallies, and party in open spaces. We also drop rubbish, increase pollution and increase the cost to the environment. 


One of the things we leave behind is plastic. This is more deadly than Covid 19. It takes thousands of years to breakdown and it never leaves our world. It is killing us and our food. Microparticles are in the food chain, fish, fresh water and salt-water is polluted with it and we are already suffering. We have no fear because we cannot see it, we do nothing because we have no collective reason to do so, we do nothing because today our egocentric world can only deal with a transient biological threat, like Covid 19, from which we will evolve and recover through immunity. 



Rubbish and Pollution Is far bigger problem, so big that our self-centred brains are struggling to cope. The only way forward is to create fear. What we are doing is going to kill us, but first we are going to see a massive loss of life of species in and around the water that surrounds us. 


We can prevent the acceleration in a number of ways. One small step is to remove rubbish, the causes of rubbish and be responsible. In Brighton and Bournemouth we could restrict access to the beaches. We could create a limited access zone reducing freedom of choice and being controversial. We could only give access to residents. We could also put patrols on the beach and charges at each access point. We could insist on no plastic on the beach and introduce fines creating the fear of loss of convenience. 

The worst Virus that effects our planet is us. Our planet will respond as we choke it by choking us. Being responsible is not difficult, during the last three months we have shown we can be, otherwise sooner or later we will have to live under a much tighter regime. 

Brighton, should we start a campaign to limit access to the beaches? I think we should and lead the way to protect the beauty of what we have and ensure that we have the choice. The choice to control what happens here at a local level. #SOS and SOB. (save our souls and save our beaches)


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