COVID-19 Vaccine Update No 11

Progress at a glance


This week's published data shows the continued progress across our communities to roll out the COVID-19 vaccination with more than 962,175 vaccinations delivered. All of our services are continuing to focus on inviting those in the current nine priority groups who are yet to have their vaccination for an appointment. Data shows there are approximately 125,000 people in these eligible groups who are yet to receive their vaccination and we want to make sure everyone has the opportunity.
If you are aged 50 and over, clinically extremely vulnerable, have an underlying health condition or are an unpaid carer - you are eligible, book your appointment today.
Appointments are available at vaccination centres in Brighton, Crawley, Chichester and Eastbourne throughout April, including Wednesday, Thursday and Friday next week. Book yours now at 
nhs.uk/covidvaccine or call 119.
You can also arrange a first dose appointment via your local vaccination service.

This weekend, across Sussex we hit the incredible milestone of 1 million vaccinations given.
Vaccinations in our area started on 8th December 2020, and have since been taking place in hospitals, GP led vaccination services and vaccination centres.
Teams were working over the weekend providing first and second doses to those in the first nine priority groups, providing them with their vital protection.
There are now just approximately 125,000 people in the priority groups 1-9 who are yet to have their vaccination, and special clinics and services are being arranged to make this as easy as possible for people.
If you are aged 50 or over, are clinically extremely vulnerable or have an underlying health condition, are an unpaid carer or a health and social care worker, and are yet to have your vaccine, please come forward. Visit the national booking service or call 119 to arrange your appointment today.

New appointments available this week at the vaccination centres


If you are in the priority groups and are yet to receive your vaccine, new appointments have just been released for April at the vaccination centres, including in Chichester.
There are appointments available on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday (7-9 April) and also for week commencing 12 April.
Nervous about getting your COVID-19 vaccination? Then April could be the perfect time as vaccination centres will be quieter and there will be plenty of staff and volunteers on hand to support you.
If you're eligible to have the vaccine at this time, book at nhs.uk/covidvaccine or call 119.

Reassurance about second dose appointments

Vaccination services across our area are starting to arrange and carry out second dose appointments as people approach 12 weeks since their first vaccination.
The first dose of both the Pfizer BioNTech and Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine offer good levels of protection, but to get maximum protection from COVID-19, everyone will need to get a second dose.
We are therefore urging people to come forward for their second dose of the vaccine when they are contacted or if they have an appointment booked.
Vaccination experts recommended that people receive their second dose around 12 weeks after their first.
If you have arranged your appointment through the national booking service, you are likely to have booked your first and second appointments at the same time. If you have booked online you can remind yourself of your place and time of your vaccination using the 'manage my appointments' section on www.nhs.uk/covidvaccine.
If you had your vaccination at a GP led local vaccination service you will be contacted as your approach the 12 week mark. Please don't worry you will be contacted when it is time for your appointment.

New report shows that COVID-19 vaccines have prevented thousands of deaths

A new report published this week by Public Health England suggests that the COVID-19 vaccination programme prevented 6,100 deaths in England up to the end of February 2021.
From 8 December 2020 to the end of January 2021, more than 4 million vaccine doses were given to adults aged 70 and over.
Public Health England looked at the number of deaths that took place during that period with the number of deaths that would have been expected, if the vaccine hadn't been given during this time period. 
From this work, PHE estimates that around 6,100 deaths were prevented to the end of February - 5,900 in those aged 80 and over and 200 in those aged 70 to 79. > Read more about the study

Vaccination guide for people with learning disability

Adults with a learning disability who are on their GP's learning disability register are eligible for their COVID-19 vaccine right now.
In this video, which was made for people with a learning disability, Dr Amy Dissanayake explains a bit more about the vaccine and why it is a good thing to have your vaccination.
Nicola, a local person who has a learning disability also features in the video having her first dose of the vaccine to show what it is like at a vaccination service.


Crawley vaccination service re-locates to Hindu Temple 


Leacroft Medical Centre in Crawley has relocated its vaccination programme to the Apple Tree Centre, which is part of the Hindu Temple site in Crawley. 
As well as working with the Gurjar Hindu Union, the team has joined forces with Crawley Care Collaborative Primary Care Network, Crawley Borough Council and Crawley Community Action on the project. 
The centre has space to accommodate up to 1,500 patients per day and provides additional parking. A social prescribing team is also based onsite to provide visitors with resources for supporting their health during this time.

Mythbuster video: do you know the facts from fiction?

A video produced by Oxford CCG addresses some of the myths about the COVID-19 vaccine as we all work to encourage those eligible to have their vaccination.



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