COVID-19 Vaccine Update No 16

People aged 40+ now eligible for life saving vaccination


Our vaccination programme continues to make strong progress with more than 1.3million doses now administered. Teams are focused this week on making sure that those who are due their second dose can receive their vaccination, as well as beginning to offer first doses to people in the recently eligible group - those aged 40 and over. Invites are being sent to people aged 40 and over as we work our way down the age groups as quickly as supplies allow. To date, more than 9 out of 10 people aged 50 and over, with a long term health condition or a carer have received their first dose, and of those aged 70 and over, more than 8 out of ten have now also had their second dose. We are also on track to offer a first dose to all adults by the end of July subject to vaccine supply. If you are in the eligible groups and you are yet to have your vaccination, please join the thousands of others locally who are helping to protect themselves and others. You can book your vaccination now by using the online service, by calling 119 or wait to receive an invitation from your GP-led local vaccination service.

"I am now eligible and have gone online to book my appointment but can only see vaccination centres in London, do I have to travel that far?" 


The National Booking System both online at nhs.uk/covidvaccine or over the phone by calling 119 only shows services with available appointments. If a vaccination centre or service currently does not have any available appointments, it will not show up in the list when you log into the system. Currently there are a limited number of first dose appointments available in Sussex in line with vaccine supply. We have been assured that this is a shortterm issue, and we encourage eligible people who have been invited to receive their vaccination to keep checking the National Booking System for appointments. This is only in relation to first dose appointments and second dose vaccination deliveries are continuing across Sussex and we encourage everyone to attend your second dose appointments when it is your turn. 

Local vaccination services hit 200,000 milestone 


Alliance for Better Care, the GP Federation leading vaccination services in Crawley, Haywards Heath and East Grinstead, has passed the 200,000 vaccination, milestone over the bank holiday weekend. As well as services in West Sussex, ABC also runs vaccination services in Surrey.

Nine out of ten 65+ have now had second dose

In the last week almost 70,000 second dose vaccinations have been given to people from the initial priority groups, maximising their protection from the Covid vaccination. To date, more than 90% of those aged 65 and over have now had their second dose. Vaccinations have been taking place across the local vaccination services and at the vaccination centres and pharmacy services to make sure everyone can receive both vaccinations. Everyone is urged to attend their second dose appointment. If you have it booked via the national booking system at one of the vaccination centres or pharmacy services, please attend when your appointment is due. If you had your first vaccine at a GP led local vaccination service, you will be contacted around 11-12 weeks from your first appointment, to arrange your second. Please take the time to attend. Further to the second dose vaccinations that have been taking place this week, more than 18,000 first dose appointments have been given in line with vaccine supply. More first dose vaccinations are becoming available as further supplies are confirmed and we encourage people to keep checking the national booking system if you are eligible and have not had your vaccine yet or respond to an invite from your local vaccination service. 

See more about the latest activity, recorded up to 02 May 2021:


Vaccination in pregnancy 


COVID-19 vaccines offer pregnant women the best protection against COVID19 disease which can be serious in later pregnancy for some women. The first dose of COVID-19 vaccine will give you good protection, but you need the second dose to get longer lasting protection. You do not need to delay this second dose if you have become pregnant. In line with the latest JCVI guidance, pregnant women in eligible cohorts who have not yet received a COVID-19 vaccination, should be offered Pfizer or Moderna. Currently, only Pfizer is available at GP led local vaccination services. Pregnant women who had AstraZeneca as their first vaccine are advised to complete the course unless you experienced serious side effects. If you have had your first vaccination, please make sure you attend your second. If you are eligible but are yet to have your first, please book an appointment as soon as one is available.
Stars join forces with NHS to boost vaccine uptake

An all-star line-up has joined forces with the NHS to encourage people to come forward and get the lifesaving covid-19 vaccine when they are invited in a new short film. Sir Lenny Henry, Liz Hurley and David Walliams join TV actors Lydia West and Navin Chowdhry to dispel myths around vaccination to boost uptake of the NHS Covid jab. The film is the second commissioned by Professor Lord Ara Darzi, the leading doctor who is the Co-Director of the Institute of Global Health Innovation, part of the Imperial REACT COVID Surveillance Study Group and volunteered on Covid wards at the height of the pandemic. The new film also shows stars 'auditioning' as they tackle common rumours and misconceptions around the Covid vaccine and encourage everyone to get jabbed when it is their turn.



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