Does your business have the creative and tech talent to succeed?

A digital apprentice will design, build and implement marketing campaigns across a variety of online and social media platforms to drive customer acquisition, engagement and retention.

Benefits of a Digital Apprentice:

  • Enables you to build your own audience of loyal fans
  • Allows you to measure and analyse consumer behaviour and engagement
  • It could save you a bunch of money

Benefits of Creative Process Digital Apprenticeships:

  • Equips your staff with industry leading digital skills
  • Offers professional development for new or existing employees
  • Brings knowledge of the latest technologies, analytics, SEO and social media strategies
  • Provides £12,000 of skills training for each apprentice
  • £3000 cash grant available up until January 2021

Find out how you can sure up your business with a digital apprentice at our next Employer's Briefing Webinar - Register here or contact philip@creativeprocessdigital.com



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