Hundred for the Homeless

With the ongoing absence of so many of our usual community fundraising activities locally, we have decided to arrange another virtual fundraiser. We figured that some of us could do with getting a bit fitter for the summer (I certainly could!) and so we are encouraging people to walk, run, cycle, row or swim 100 miles during the month of May, and get sponsored for doing it. We realise these activities might not be for everyone, so they are free to do 100 of anything - bake 100 cakes, plant 100 shrubs, do 100 crosswords or pick up 100 bits of litter every day - it's entirely up to them.

We'd love you and/or any colleagues to get involved, either individually, as a family or as a group of friends or workmates? If you or anyone else would like to register or receive more details simply go to www.crawleyopenhouse.co.uk/hundred and complete the tiny purple form, and a full set of information will be emailed out.

We have been helping people get back on their feet for over 26 years, and every single night 44 people call our hostel or move-on houses 'home' for now. We fully intend to keep developing our accommodation and services to benefit those who rely on them locally, and we can only do it with the help of the amazing community around us. If you can be a part of this generous group of people via this little campaign we would be so grateful.



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