Learn how to make (almost) anything with colleagues around the world 

Plus X Brighton has a few places left to sign up for the Fab Academy, the only place in the UK where you can join the rapid prototyping course, led by Professor Neil Gershenfeld, Director of MIT's Center for Bits and Atoms, starting in January 2021. 

Designers, engineers, software programmers, architects, or anyone who wants to get to grips with taking products into three dimensions using the latest technology, can join the six-month course taught simultaneously around the world, from Bangalore to Yucatán and from Barcelona to Vancouver. 

Andrew Sleigh, Workshop Manager at Plus X Brighton, said, "Having done the Fab Academy course myself, I know how inspiring and informative it is and we're excited to be the only UK node within the global network of Fab Labs taking part." 

Students learn how to envision, prototype and document their ideas through many hours of hands-on experience with digital fabrication tools. It's a fast-paced learning experience where students plan and execute a new project each week, finishing the course with a personal portfolio of technical accomplishments. 

The Fab Academy programme is based on MIT's popular rapid-prototyping course  'How To Make (Almost) Anything and both courses are taught by Prof. Neil Gershenfeld.

Students connect weekly for Global Lectures and get hands-on training in their local lab, learning how to model products in CAD software, and then produce them with a variety of digital tools, from 3D printers to desktop milling machines. They design and fabricate electronic circuits and then program them to prototype interactive devices, working collaboratively to make their own machines, robots, tools, art and even musical instruments. 

The Fab Academy Diploma is awarded by the Fab Academy community with the support of the Fab Lab Network and Fab Foundation, with Graduation taking place in August during the annual Fab Lab Conference. The FAB16 Conference will be in held in August 2021 in Canada. 

For more details and to register for the course, got to: https://plusx.space/plus-x-brighton-launches-fab-academy-for-makers/


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