Update No 42 18th December 2021

Published: 20 Dec 2021

Stakeholder update

14 December 2021

This briefing aims to provide an update on the COVID-19 vaccination programme in Sussex and the next steps to accelerate booster vaccinations for our population.

  1. Overview
  • Across Sussex 3,259,129 vaccinations have been delivered. This includes 1,361,247 first doses, 1,265,526 second doses and 632,356 booster doses;
  • 83.5% of the eligible population in Sussex have had their first dose, 77.3% have had their second dose and 63.7% of the eligible population in cohorts 1-10 have had their booster (based on registered GP population and uptake at 9th December);
  • All care homes have now received a visit for their booster vaccination
  • Housebound visits are underway, and the current trajectory shows that booster vaccination for their housebound residents will be complete by 22nd December 2021.
  • The key figures for each area are:

  1. Key programme updates:
  • From today, Monday 13 December, all those aged 30 and over are now able to book and receive their booster
  • From Wednesday 15 December, all those aged 18 and over will be able to book and receive their booster
  • People must be 3 months from the date of their second vaccination to receive a booster, but they can book it from 2 months after the date of their second vaccine when they are able to use the National Booking System
  • The national target is now to have offered a booster to all adults (everyone aged 18 and over) by the end of December 2021
  1. Current services and capacity

o Last week 88,000 vaccinations were completed, including 18,000 on Saturday and 12,000 on Sunday

o 93,000 vaccinations are expected to take place this week, with 61,500 vaccinations currently booked for this week on the National Booking System.

  • All services had been working to increase capacity and in the last two weeks,

more than 10,000 additional appointments were added per week across all

sites to the National Booking System.

  1. Increasing capacity further

Following the Government’s announcement yesterday of the acceleration of the booster programme, our teams are working at pace to maximise the number of appointments that can be made available.

New appointments are added to the National Booking System daily by sites, and we expect a significant increase from Wednesday 15 December when all adults become eligible to book their appointment.

In terms of the scale, 642,000 vaccinations will need to be completed by the end of December to have vaccinated 100% of the adult population in Sussex. This equates to 214,000 vaccinations a week or 35,000 a day.

This is challenging but we are working with all vaccination teams and our health and care partners to understand how we can rise to this challenge and provide the increases in capacity.

Some of the measures we will be taking include:

  • Opening current vaccination services for longer into the evening, or for additional days
  • Bringing in additional workforce as part of the national offer to help support our vaccination services to extend their opening
  • Provide a roving team from CCG staff to help to support housebound vaccination visits and other areas of delivery
  • Moving more local vaccination services onto the National Booking System so their appointments are visible on the website and via 119, compared to a local booking system.

We will be able to share the agreed actions as soon as possible with you, especially where capacity is being increased and the measures (such as extending opening times) being taken to achieve this.

NHS delivers significant COVID-19 booster vaccination progress

The NHS in West Sussex has delivered a significant increase in vaccinations, just four days after the Prime Minister announced the acceleration of the vaccination programme.

On Sunday, it was announced that from this week all adults would be eligible for a booster vaccination when they reach 3 months from the date of their second.

It was also announced that all eligible adults would be offered a booster by the end of December.

Since then health and care partners have been working to increase the number of appointments available on a daily basis, extend opening hours and offer pop up vaccination services to reach out to communities.

More than 10,000 new appointments have already been released and booked this week across Sussex, and more appointments are being added to the National Booking System website and 119 every day.

On Wednesday 20,000 people in Sussex had a vaccination in one single day.It comes after the NHS in Sussex called on the public yesterday to play their part to Keep Sussex Safe and come forward for their vaccination, as well as using services appropriately as NHS services work to focus on this effort.

Read more about our response to accelerate the vaccination programme.

Crawley vaccination service to run the first 24-hour booster clinic in the South East

Saxonbrook Medical Centre in Crawley is set to host the first 24-hour vaccination clinic in the Southeast this week, as it responds to the need to accelerate the booster programme.The clinic, which is one of the first in the UK, will run from 8am on Friday 17th December and the team aim to offer 1,000 appointments across the 24 hours.

It is appointment-only, with bookings made via the NHS National Booking System website and 119. Saxonbrook is one of eight vaccination centres run by local GP Federation Alliance for Better Care.

Katherine Saunders, Alliance for Better Care, CEO said: “Essentially we are doing all we can to meet the increasing demand for vaccinations, especially boosters. But we also want to ensure that no one gets left behind and is offered equal access to the vaccine. By providing a 24-hour clinic we hope that those who work shifts, or who may have family commitments during our usual clinic hours, will find it easier to attend.” The clinic will take place almost exactly 12 months to the day since Saxonbrook opened the doors to its first vaccination clinic. The team has administered more than 90,000 jabs. The majority of its vaccinations have taken place at Saxonbrook’s dedicated vaccination building, which opened in March.

Home visits for boosters on track to be completed by the end of December

Vaccination teams across West Sussex are continuing their efforts to visit everyone who needs a booster vaccination at home. More than 7000 people in

West Sussex have needed a home visit to ensure they could receive this vital protection. Health and care partners have all been working to ensure that everyone who needs to receive their booster in this way can be offered their jab.

Thousands have already been completed and visits are continuing this week and next week in order, to reach everyone by the end of the month.

We are committed to ensuring housebound vaccinations remains a priority as teams also work to significantly increase the number of appointments available at vaccination services.

Free transport to vaccinations for those in need

Want to get your COVID-19 vaccination but don’t have access to transport? We can get you to and from a vaccination service near you for free thanks to our transport scheme.

To book free travel to a vaccination session please book your vaccination appointment or have confirmed plans to attend a walk-in session first. Then call 01444 275008 to speak to a travel coordinator.

The booking service is available between 10am-1pm and 2pm-5pm Monday[1]Friday.

Jabvent calendar count down

Our 'Jabvent' calendar celebrates the thousands of people who have been involved in the COVID-19 vaccination roll out.

The programme started nationally and for Sussex more than 3 million vaccinations have been given to people across our communities. Thousands of people have been involved in the programme from vaccinators to booking teams, to administrators, volunteers at sites and transport providers to help get people to their appointments.

Jabvent will celebrate the people behind the programme and tell their story – both those involved in the programme and the people who have received the vaccine and what it means to them. You can be part of ‘Jabvent’ and tell your story – what it has meant to you to be part of the programme? Share your story by emailing sxccg.comms@nhs.net

If you have any questions, concerns, comments or suggestions please contact Patrick Brady – Email plb11@btinternet.com Mobile 07977 50643

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