City of Meadows

City of Meadows

Schools in Brighton & Hove have been helping to conserve pollinating insects as part of the City of Meadows project. In total an additional 1000 square meters of wildflower habitat has been created in school grounds in the city.

Many of the local urban schools have small playgrounds with little greenspace - however they have been creative, sowing their seed in pots, raised beds and even a wheelbarrow. It's not size that matters - the key element is that schools are helping form a nature recovery network for pollinators, linking the city with the South Downs.

City of Meadows is run through the Brighton & Hove Environmental Education (BHee) programme, funded by Brighton & Hove City Council and delivered by Sussex Wildlife Trust.

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How to help wildlife during the heatwave

After such a long period of drought and relentlessly high temperatures, conditions are tough for wildlife. Water is in short supply, the ground is baked hard and shade can be hard to find.
Water, food and refuge are the important factors to consider to help wildlife in your neighbourhood.

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