Kapow Coaching - CCG

Kapow Coaching with Doug Faulkner
Brighton Metropolitan College
Thursday 20 October 9.30am to 4.30pm


Learn how to coach teams and individuals effectively, bringing about autonomy and resilience and releasing ambition in your workplace with Kapow Coaching, a full day and follow-up half-day* group training session, held at Brighton Metropolitan College on Thursday 20 October.
Trainer Doug Faulkner will give you the foundation and tools to start your coaching journey with a clear plan and confidence. 
This course is aimed towards Managers, Team Leaders, and Supervisors who want to improve team performance using a coaching approach.
*The half-day session will be arranged at the end of the first day.



Your trainer - Doug Faulkner
Doug is a professional Business Performance Coach and trainer with over 10 years' experience helping individuals and teams perform consistently at their best regardless of the situation. He has also worked as a presenter and comedian so expect a fun engaging workshop!


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