An update on the Gatwick Station Project - May 2023

The Gatwick Station upgrade project is continuing to make great progress. Some of the recent new features include a new, more durable surface on platforms 3 & 4, further new wayfinding being installed throughout the station, continued construction of the mega structure of the new airport entrance and a new lift on platforms 5 & 6 is now available for passengers.

Take a look at the latest timelapse video showing progress on the external works.

You can find out more about the project and how it is improving the passenger journey on the Network Rail website.

Climbing high

The construction of the new main airport entrance continues

The construction of the new main airport entrance is towering above the station platforms. This will double the amount of space for passengers and help them move around the station, and in and out of the airport much more easily.

Lift off!

The new lift on platforms 5 and 6

A new 46 person/3,500kg lift is now operational on platforms 5 and 6. This is significantly improving the passenger experience for those with impaired mobility, and those with luggage and pushchairs and is taking passengers quickly upwards from the platforms to the airport terminals.

The lift offers audible tones to indicate that the doors are opening and closing which supports our commitment to improving accessibility at the station.

New passenger shelters on the lower forecourt

The new passenger shelters on the lower forecourt of the airport

There have been three new shelters installed for passengers on the lower forecourt.

One of them is a smoking shelter, the other two are bus shelters providing passengers with protection from the elements while waiting for the bus service to transfer them to the airport car parks. These have been a very welcome addition to the area and are being well used already.


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