Barcode readers and eTickets now available at all GTR gated stations

I am writing to update you on the imminent completion of our project to install eTicket barcode readers on every ticket gate at GTR stations, and the rolling out of eTickets for more journeys.
eTickets enable customers to use a barcode, which can either be displayed on a smartphone or printed at home, to open the ticket gate.
Over the course of the project, we installed barcode readers on ticket gates at the 34 stations which did not previously have any readers already and installed readers at the remaining 64 stations with ticket gates which did not already have readers installed on every single one, providing blanket coverage across our 98 gated stations.
For instance, this saw 20 additional barcode readers installed at the ticket gates at London Blackfriars and 17 additional readers installed at both Brighton and East Croydon stations.
The installation of 19 additional barcode readers at London Victoria is progressing and due to be completed shortly, marking completion.
As a result, passengers are able to scan their eTickets to open every GTR ticket gate across our network. Other operators such as Southeastern are also progressing installations.
This will help to reduce queues at our gate lines and enable people to make more of their journeys using eTickets now every ticket gate line is able to accept them.
We have seen a huge rise in the uptake of eTickets, with the proportion of journeys made on our network using an eTicket rise by 35% compared to last year, and this news will make eTickets much more convenient for passengers to use.
We want to support their use further and will continue to look at ways we can roll out eTickets for more journeys on our network.
If you have any questions about the new barcode readers or eTickets, then do check our websites for more information at the links below or get in touch with us to discuss further.


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