Kreston Reeves walks, runs and cycles ‘around the world’

Published: 07 Aug 2023

Accountants, business and wealth advisers Kreston Reeves has completed ‘One Big Challenge’ this summer, to walk, run or cycle the equivalent to ‘around the world’. 

A total of 210 people in 53 teams across the firm’s offices in London, Kent and Sussex took part in the virtual challenge, with an average daily step rate of 1,972,976, achieving a total of 73,000,082 steps or 50,133.5km in just over a month.

The challenge was part of the firm’s ESG programme and aligned to their focus on ‘Good health and wellbeing’. It promotes teamwork, a healthy lifestyle and wellbeing, recognising the importance of balancing work with mental, physical, and social wellbeing.

Sarah Ediss, Accounts and Audit Partner at Kreston Reeves, comments: “Our team love a healthy challenge and given the distance around the equator is 40,075km we thought this would be a fantastic way to encourage our people to make time to get away from their desks. We collectively reached an extra 10,000km past the equator which was a terrific achievement, and we are proud of everyone who took part.

“Working in teams is a great way for people to get to know others across the business in different offices. Naturally some people really took the challenge on and had the time and the energy to go the extra mile to ensure it was met. At the end of the day every step counted towards the final goal and whether they did just a few steps or many thousands, we are delighted everyone took part.”

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