March: recruitment on the agenda

A challenge that we've been hearing time and time again from local SMEs in recent months is the squeeze they're experiencing around recruitment. We're planning to focus on this issue throughout 2023, with workshops, events and products designed to help you find and retain skilled staff.

Check out the 'What's Happening' headlines below for an overview of some of the tactics that can help you broaden your recruitment search, and our 'Coming Up...' events roundup for upcoming lunch and learn sessions on the same topic. Let us know if your industry is facing difficulties hiring, and where we might be able to help.

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Thinking Innovation

Our consultancy team share their insights around the latest trends in innovation. This month: equity vs. equality, responsible marketing, and the case for product customisation.

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  • Equity vs Equality and what it means for businesses
    The theme of this year's International Women's Day was the difference between equality and equity. Busola examines the distinction, and suggests ways for businesses to develop more equitable practices.
  • Can marketing be responsible?
    Responsible marketing is a practice that builds upon customer-centric models to have a positive impact on your community. Maria outlines some of the key principles of building consumer trust in this way.
  • Why customised products are great for you and your customer
    With so many choices of products and services on the market, consumers gravitate towards personalised and tailored experiences. Soha looks into the phenomenon of customisation.
  • 5 minutes with Down Syndrome Development Trust
    Busola speaks to Alastair from DSDT about their Social Learning Hub and Lending A Hand projects, designed to develop life skills, confidence and self esteem for young adults with Down syndrome.

What's Happening?

A selection of the latest headlines from the Sussex Innovation community. This month, promising forecasts for Destiny Pharma, and thoughts and advice on recruitment, flexible working and the living wage.

Coming Up...

The most important dates for your diary next month. Make sure you take a look at our upgraded calendar, which now contains a curated rundown of all the best upcoming events from our partners across the South East. 

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