What does nature mean to you?

What does nature mean to you?

This week, The Wildlife Trusts have launched The Great Big Nature Survey.

The Great Big Nature Survey is a chance for everyone around the UK to share their thoughts on nature, how it affects them, and what society should (or shouldn't) do to protect it.
The survey will take approximately 15 minutes of your time, so why not grab a beverage, find somewhere comfortable, and settle in to have your say?

Take the survey

As a supporter of Sussex Wildlife Trust, we'd love to find out what you think about all kinds of different subjects, including:

  • What role, if any, should government and business play in managing nature?
  • How much does nature affect your daily life, and what actions have you taken to enjoy and protect it?
  • Are local communities and people best placed to manage the nature on their doorstep?

After you're done, please consider sharing the survey with your friends and family. They don't have to be nature lovers to take part, we want as many different voices to be heard as possible.

Thanks for your time.


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