PSTN Switch Off!

PSTN Switch Off in 2025! Beat the rush! Don't leave it to the last minute to protect you business or charity.

PSTN Switch-Off

BT Openreach announced the end of PSTN and ISDN back in 2015. The telecommunications service provider began shutting down networks in 2020 and will stop taking new orders starting 2023. By December 2025, PSTN circuits will be shut off completely.


What’s Happening?

BT Openreach has announced it intends to switch off the traditional, copper-based telephone network in 2025. This is commonly referred to as the PSTN Switch Off.

While 2025 may seem a while away, from September 2023 you won’t be able to purchase any new ISDN or PSTN-based services, with many locations affected by a stop sell much sooner than that.


Why Should I Care?

The PSTN Switch Off will affect all businesses currently operating using PSTN and ISDN services. If you fall into this category, you will need to move to the new network to keep your phone and your number working.

The All-IP network delivers voice calls using the same infrastructure as data and using VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology.


What is VoIP?

Simply put, VoIP uses a company’s existing internet connection to transmit voice calls. When it was first introduced, this solution seemed like a dangerous choice, as it completely relies on the quality of the internet connection to guarantee stable calls.

Nowadays, the speed of most broadband is fast enough to negate any problems around call quality. VoIP telephony is a simpler option than it sounds, requiring a lot less hardware than legacy systems.

It is delivered by Over the top (OTT) applications to which new features are added regularly, it gives your business more flexibility and it can be used on a variety of devices – from desk phones to mobiles, tablets, and computers.


What about my Special Services?

The migration will also impact services like security and fire alarms, telecare devices, retail payment terminals and equipment for monitoring and controlling networks.

These rely on some features of the PSTN that are not fully replicated in VoIP-based platforms and could have implications for both domestic and business customers, as well as public sector users. BT have made their testing facility available to manufacturers and despite the pandemic and lock-downs, there is already a list of who has tested their equipment on the new all-IP network.


Embrace the future of telephony by replacing your landline with VoIP before the Public Switch Telephone Network (PSTN) is switched off in 2025. Give us a call today to discuss how we can help your business choose the right solution for your needs.


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