The South East M&A Barometer 2024: Q1 update

The acquisition and sale of companies is an important indicator of growth when assessing the health of the UK economy. We take a closer look at the M&A activity of high growth companies in our South East M&A Barometer.

When there are high volumes of acquisitions, it is indicative of a dynamic and growing economy. However, when there are slower volumes, there can be a negative feedback loop for the wider economy.


In Q1 2024 there were slightly more M&A transactions involving high growth companies compared to Q1 2023. We had hoped to see a greater uptick for the first quarter, but despite this not yet coming to fruition, optimism remains.

Read our South East M&A Barometer 2024: Q1 update.

Key findings

The key findings highlighted in the Q1 update are:

  • Optimism remains for 2024, with expectations of increased M&A activity in the South East
  • Global conflicts and key elections in the UK and US contribute to a cautious outlook
  • Valuation discussions are causing some deals to take longer to execute
  • Private equity deals are also under pressure to reflect current market sentiment.


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