Welcome to 2024 from Xpress Group

'Thoughtful' should be the watchword for planning marketing and brand exposure for 2024 as we embark on an exciting new year.

It's the perfect time for forward-thinking business owners to consider how print and digital services can be integrated into their marketing strategy.


This is not just about immediate goals; it's about creating consistent, long-lasting brand exposure. By blending the tangible impact of print with the ever-expanding reach of digital media, you can achieve a very joined-up, powerful brand presence that will keep you one step ahead.


Wishing you a prosperous and adventurous new year.


Direct Mail – The New Digital Distribution

A remarkable shift is occurring as traditional direct mail undergoes a digital renaissance.


This transformation is not just about sending printed materials through the post; it's a sophisticated blend of old-school techniques with new-age digital strategies.


It makes for a compelling option for businesses seeking to stand out and connect with their audience.


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Getting Ready To Promote Your Business At Exhibitions in 2024

Making a memorable impact at trade and business expos is challenging but nonetheless crucial.


The ability to make a memorable impact at trade and business expos hinges on effective preparation and a strategic blend of superior stand design, impactful banners, and well-crafted brochures that resonate with the audience.


Are you ready?


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Making An Impact With Large Format Printing

Large-format digital printing technology allows for the creation of vivid, large-scale graphics, essential for capturing attention in a visually saturated market.


It's particularly relevant for dynamic advertising campaigns, eye-catching exhibition displays, and impactful outdoor signage.


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