Xpress Group News March 2024

As the seasons change, so does the marketing and branding landscape, presenting fresh opportunities for your business to shine.

In this edition, we explore the transformative power of communication, the intricacies of crafting a compelling marketing message, and the dynamic visibility offered by vehicle graphics.

Consider what makes a marketing message not just heard but felt and remembered and how the simple act of driving can become a powerful billboard for your brand’s identity.

This newsletter is your first step towards a future where your brand is not just seen but experienced in ways that truly matter.


How Vehicle Graphics Will Enhance Your Brand’s Visibility

Your company vehicles should be turning heads with striking, branded wraps. This isn't just about getting noticed; it's about transforming everyday travel into a dynamic advertising campaign.

These mobile billboards provide undeniable benefits in brand recognition to create local impact and are an affordable, customisable, and highly effective marketing tool. 


Follow-up from International Confex, at Excel London

Xpress Group recently showcased its expertise at the International Confex 2024 exhibition, demonstrating its prowess in large-format print design and production.

From the grandeur of The Sports Business Awards to the tailored needs of various London and Southeast events, Xpress has become synonymous with exceptional quality in event graphics.


Your Marketing Message and What It Says About Your Business

More than just a buzzword, your marketing message is the cornerstone of your brand's dialogue with the world, defining the essence of your enterprise.

Your message extends beyond mere text; it's a multi-dimensional canvas that blends social media, emails, and print media.




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