Xpress Group November 2023

Online content is often more noise than value, which is why there's a quiet but compelling resurgence of print in the marketing mix. The tactile satisfaction of print provides a tangible edge that digital's one-dimensional presentation simply can't compete with. It's not nostalgia; it's neuroscience. Studies suggest that printed material can ignite a deeper level of engagement and recall, offering a respite from screen fatigue. For savvy marketers, harnessing the power of print is not just aesthetic - it's strategic.

Large Format Printing

Digitally printed messaging can be almost any size, so just how big is 'large' when it comes to signage?

Large formats can communicate, influence, motivate and engage like no other form of media, especially when you need to convey your message to the masses.


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Print Distribution - What Are The Benefits To You?

Larger print volumes have the obvious benefit of economies of scale. But where do you put it all?

With our print distribution service, that's not something you need to worry about.


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Planning An Exhibition?

From a pull-up banner to a bespoke exhibition stand, your message and your brand have to compete with everyone around you.

Our experienced design team will work with you to develop a unique, and powerful suite of display devices that makes you stand out.


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