Dee Mathieson - Managing Director, Elekta Ltd


Dee Mathieson is Senior Vice President of Linac Service and Managing Director of Elekta Ltd, a medical device company that manufacturers radiotherapy technology to treat cancer. Dee oversees Elekta’s Cornerstone campus in Crawley, which is home to teams in manufacturing, research and development,  clinical experts and customer-facing professionals working to develop, market and sell the next generation of cancer therapy devices. With 40 years of radiotherapy experience, Dee qualified as Radiographer at Guys Hospital. After graduating with a second degree in Physics she moved into industry where her roles involved driving innovations in cancer treatment technology.


Building Hope Through Innovation – See the difference

My career in cancer care has seen many changes and I have been fortunate enough to work at the cutting edge of technology for the last 35 years. Accuracy and effectiveness of cancer treatment has come a long way since I worked in the Radiotherapy clinic, driven by the availability of fantastic new technology. It is clear that innovation has a direct impact on better patient outcomes and the joy of my story is that I have played my part in ensuring innovation translates into hope for everyone dealing with cancer.

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