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The WDG brand was founded by Leo Walker a 20 year veteran of distinguished military service
within Britain ‘s most elite units His 15 years of service within the formidable UK Special Forces
was preceded by 5 years of service within the Royal Marines

Leo has led numerous high pressured, multinational operations all over the globe An expert
logistician and tactical thinker, his experiences have allowed him to design and implement diverse
sets of mental and physical training plans for a variety of high profile corporate clients and
military units His experience in the Royal Marines training team has also given him the knowledge
to help people reach their goals in a challenging, productive, and safe manner

For 2 years Leo trained counselled young marines at the Commando Training Centre, where he
was awarded twice for having the best section, plus notability, he trained the newly ‘
Special Forces teams During this time, Leo regularly, made numerous inspirational talks to new
existing recruits

In public life Leo makes regular speeches and leads talks in Leadership, Special Forces Mindset,
Imposter Syndrome, Mindset Coaching, and many other transferable skills that he has taken from
his Special Forces experiences that can be utilised in everyday life even on the professional
sports field.

These talks were made to numerous corporate executives, professional players and employees
from companies and sports teams including Southampton FC U 21 ’ AFC Bournemouth U 21 ’
Optimum Nutrition, MSL Capital and more recently on the BE INSPIRED Stage at the Arnold Sports
Festival at the NEC.

His qualifications include Special Forces Commanders course, Non commissioned officer Senior
commander, ILM Level 2 Team leading BTEC Level 2 Public services, Special Forces instructor,
City Guilds level 3 Assessor (A 1 PADI Master Diver and Instructor, Powerboat instructor, SF
Amphibious instructor, Special Forces medic, SF Close Protection ( advisor level 1 2
SF CQB instructor, Firearms instructor, Level 5 Leadership and management

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